We offer our reliable expert capacities in the hope of cooperation.

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Welcome to La-Na Technik Ltd. website!

La-Na Technik Ltd. is located in Miskolc, but it carries out construction activities nationwide. Our company commenced operations in 2007 as a spinoff of Csucstechnika Bau Ltd., which already possessed 16 years of professional experience at the time. It has been growing dynamically ever since, establishing itself on the Hungarian construction market. Its owners and the managers of the company started in the construction in the early 1990s.

Our main profile is

  • building construction (construction of monolithic reinforced concrete structures, industrial facilities, public institutions, apartment blocks, office buildings and underground facilities),
  • bridge construction and civil engineering (motorway bridges, sewage treatment facilities)

The excellent implementation workmanship of the projects is ensured besides advanced technologies and equipment by the company’s quality personnel, comprising 5 managers and 25 physical skilled workers. For the implementation of the projects, this headcount is either increased, or subcontractors are involved if necessary. Year after year, we implement an increasing number of ever greater projects with our staff of reliable and responsible professionals with several years of experience in the construction industry. Contractors’ works are occasionally carried out using the services of subcontractors.

Thanks to the increasingly expanding clientele and the company’s reliability, the business has been continuously growing, allowing expanding our technical equipment stock and our technologies. With the help of our machinery stock and tools, we are able to flexibly manage implementation works.

Our equipment include DOKA floor and wall formwork systems, STAXO, EUREX and FRAMI systems, lifting equipment, earthwork machinery, self-loading and flatbed trucks, elevation and mobile scaffolding, generators, concrete vibrators, mobilisation containers, small machinery, tools and auxiliary equipment.

La-Na Technik Ltd. is specialised in the construction of motorway bridges, factory units, industrial facilities, potable water reservoirs, public institutions, hospitals, apartment blocks and office buildings. Apart from the above, we are a top quality builder of reinforced concrete structures and bridges.

Key references of our company’s good market reputation:

  • Structural construction of dangerous waste storage pools, Hejopapi
  • General construction of cattle farm construction project, Sajolaszlofalva
  • General construction of a truck repair workshop and auxiliary buildings at Felsozsolca Industrial Park,
  • Structural construction of sewage treatment pools and composting facilities; Miskolc, Kazincbarcika, Berente
  • Construction of underpasses and flyovers on the M3 motorway, Nagykallo
  • A condominium of four apartments, Budapest.

It is worth highlighting the bridge constructions on motorways (M3, M7, M30, M0 and M35) of the activities recently inherited, and the high volumes of structural construction works undertaken as general contractor (Miskolc, Szechenyi District, 6 storey car park and condominimums of 24 and 40 apartments, Auchan hypermarket buildings at Miskolc and Maglod and the construction of the TBM launching shaft, crossing and extraction structures at the Etele Square station of Budapest’s Metro 4 line).

The activity of the company is characterised by quick adaptation to market needs. Our most important objective is ensuring a constant level of good quality, fully meeting our partners’ expectations and the rapid adaptation to market needs.

With the above in mind, we offer our reliable expert capacities in the hope of cooperation.

Office: H-3527 Miskolc, Zsigmondy street 30.

E-mail:  lanatechnik@lanatechnik.hu

Office phone:  +36 46 505 411

Fax: +36 46 505 410

Mobile: +36 30 584 1219   Zsolt Nagy, Managing Director